Thursday, February 21, 2008

Been a While

I haven't been blogging for a while, things are nuts around here. I found out today that I have to have an upper epidoscomy or some shit where they stick a scope down my throat. F that! I can't stand it when people stick shit in my mouth. I hate the Dentist. Sometimes its even hard for me to brush my teeth way in the back. Aaarrggg!!

One positive thing about it though, I will be so drugged up I won't have any idea what's going on anyway. They say I could have a number of things wrong with me. Cancer is highly unlikely, but there is a chance... pray for me if you pray, if not, just give me hope somehow. Ulcers, bleeding, excessive acid, etc. I just want to get it over with and be normal again.

They also tell me I need to quit smoking, drinking, caffeine, spicy foods.... Pretty much all the things I actually enjoy putting in my mouth. It all pisses me off....

Another positive thing going on I am finally getting out to go snowboarding this weekend. Angel Fire Resort, Saturday. I will be competing in the Boarder X competition, wish me luck. It will be fun regaurdless. Well, I'll take some snappy photos for your enjoyment and post them when I get a chance. Peace!!!

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