Monday, June 2, 2008

What More Do I Need To Do?

I haven't posted in a long time cuz I have been busy. Really busy. That's all I am going to say about that. I have a bone to pick though with those interviewers out there. I have been through interview after interview and nothing. I am really getting pissed off about this. What more do I need to do?

I have done everything that these people want in a manager and yet that does not seem to matter when it comes down to selection. I have kissed way too much ass to be told I am a failure all the time. Look back at my history and you will find nothing but accomplishments and awards for jobs well done. Look at my leadership skills in the past and you would have the same results. So why am I a failure?

To all you people that want to advance in your career and you do all this extra work and extra activities for your place of employment and think that gives you an advantage, think again. All that extra hard work and dedication doesn't mean SH!T when the interview rolls around. I have bent over backward for people that I don't even like just for the opportunity to have some leadership experience and yet I still hear the words "although your background is impressive the successful candidate is (some jerk off with no experience what-so-ever but can interview better than you).

I for one am tired of this waste of my time. I have done too much and been through too much to be considered a failure. Some of you that read this, or maybe not, are those jerk off's that I despise and do not deserve a hair off my @ss let alone management anywhere. I have seen these losers come and go from companies only to complain and complain about their job when I am sittin here waiting for that prime opportunity to show my skills, and believe me I have the skills necessary. I have a four letter word on stand-by for all you imbeciles and that includes those hiring managers that can't see me, even though they have been there and worked next to me for seven years.

Maybe I am a failure. How would I know that when almost everything I have done with this company has been a success? I not only failed myself this time, but I also failed many other people including my fiance, (who doesn't want to marry a failure), my mother, my father, her mother and father, all my friends, all her friends, everyone. This was the one that I was supposed to get, and I failed. What more do I need to do?

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