Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The definition of discrimination is unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice. The word comes from the latin word "discriminare" which means to distinguish between. Discrimination and prejudice are two words that are used one in the same. Prejudice is a pre-judgment of a person(s) or group(s) for the way they act, look, or even for what they are involved with. Disparate treatment with discrimination would involve setting a condition or a requirement that would allow a smaller proportion of those that have the attribute to be able to comply, without reasonable justification.

Do you see where I am going with this? There are ski resorts out there that do not allow snowboarding. How is it that this is not discrimination? It seems to me that one group of individuals has a prejudice against another and acts upon this prejudice. This may be bold words but I feel it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Think about it. Not too long ago there were public schools and public facilities that did not allow people of any color on the premisces. You are probably saying to yourself right now, "what?? No way that ever happened!!" Well, yes it did, and now, the same thing is happening on our ski resorts.

What is it about the snowboarding community that has these resorts banning them from entering their property? The last time I checked, snowboarding was an olympic sport. Which means that the entire world recognizes it as a respectable sport, except for these resorts that do not allow them on the property. Is there some sort of stereotype given to snowboarders that make each one a pot smoking rift raft that does nothing but cause trouble everywhere they go? If anything, allowing ALL snow sports at a ski resort would only bring in more money. That is what these rich uppity a**holes are looking for right? More money.

Some resorts of note that do not allow snowboarding are Taos, New Mexico, Deer Valley, Utah, and Alta in Utah. These are a few of the resorts that we snowboarders cannot go to when we want to ride. I took it upon myself to call one of these resorts, Taos, and ask them why they do not allow snowboarding. The response given to me was that it was just company policy. When asked if they felt that this was discriminatory the response was again, just company policy.

This is getting a bit long so I'll be quick about my feelings on this. Whatever it is that makes thee uppity a**holes think that their Sh*t don't stink, think again. I am sending out a message to all you stuck up, persnickety, selfish, discriminating jerks (to put it lightly) that snowboarding is a respectable sport and we will not set back and be discriminated against. Most boarders are a hundred times more talented than you rich, snobby people and none of us are prejudice against doing something you love. We don't discriminate against you so don't do it to us. The ONLY resort that was ever made that did not allow skiiers, Green Valley in California, was burnt down. Probably by you idiots. Take heed you discriminating skiers, one day, it will be our turn.

This video says it all.

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