Saturday, November 17, 2007

All About Fun

Well, it's the weekend and I'm kind of just surfing the net being lazy. I came across this video and it came to me that this is what it is all about. These guys aren't pros. They don't get paid to board, although I'm sure that they would love it. These are just some average Joe's out for a ride. Too many times we get caught up in the professionalism of everything that we forget how fun it is just to get out there and do the things that we love. The one and only thing that stops me from getting out there everyday is the MONEY part of it. If the damn thing didn't cost so much I would be out there everyday. So the next time you are out there doing whatever it is that you are doing be it boardin, golf, fishin, spending time with your kids and loved ones, whatever. Just remember that there might not be a tomorrow. Live life the way you want to and be happy. Also, have fun doing it.

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