Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What has become of the San Francisco 49ers? How did they go from winning seven games last year to losing seven in a row this year? Monday nights game against the Seahawks was probably the worst display of professional football I have seen all year. And the 9ers are my team!! The final score of that game was 24-0. If any of you saw the first half you would have seen Alex Smith's stats, total yards was like 43. The last play of the half Smith threw to Arnaz Battle about a 40 yard pass that was ruled complete, but we all saw that it was not complete. So had that pass been ruled the right way, incomplete, Smith would've had about 3 total passing yards for the first half. What? 3 total passing yards? I thought this was professional football. The 9ers had many chances to get in the end zone but they blew it every time.

That offense needs to make a complete turn around soon or the losing streak will continue. Last night was the first time I was truly disappointed in the 9ers. Here is a sample of the disgusting acts that I was unfortunate enough to witness.

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