Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Distance

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The Distance

I don't know which way I am supposed to go. As I look around I notice that in each direction the outlook is gloomy. It seems as if each direction I walk will lead me to absolutely nowhere. I decided to head towards the direction of the tree, maybe I will come upon some sort of life that could give me some answers, any answers. I need to know who I am, where I came from, where I am, and how I got where I am.

As I walk I could tell that I was headed to what seemed to be more of nothing. With every step I take I think to myself all the questions that I have. Who am I? How did I get here? What is this place? So many questions and my mind only draws blanks. Nothing comes to my mind except total darkness. Then I start to wonder if I even have a past. Is this the way I start my life? It can't be. I know what a kid is and I am definitely no kid. How do I know what a kid is?

Hours go by, I think, and there is still nothing to be found, no sign of life. I'm starting to get tired and my side hurts like you wouldn't believe. I have a few cuts and scrapes along the left side of my entire body. It seems as if I had been in a fight or had fallen and bruised my whole body. I must keep walking. I can't stop until I find something. My mouth is dry and I need something to drink and I am starving.

I can't walk anymore. There is nothing in sight and my body is weak. I'll just lay down right here and rest for a bit. How could I be so tired after only walking for a few hours? Damn my side hurts. I can't go any longer, but I have to. I need to find the answers. I need.... He passes out and falls to the ground.

Not long after he passed out and fell to his side a light shined bright along the horizon. This was no normal light. The light was very bright and lit up the entire sky of a sort of neon blue color. The light was moving toward him very quickly. Even though the light was so bright it did not wake him. He was hurt internally along his side. The bruises were getting bigger and he had no idea. The light was now about a hundred yards away from him and moving in faster. He just stayed there past out from the pain.

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