Monday, December 31, 2007

My Mission: Lucid Dreaming

I just came across an article about lucid dreaming and it intrigued me because I have had a lucid dream at least once that I can think of, and it was awesome. At some point in the middle of my dream I realized that I was in fact, dreaming. I took complete advantage of this and did all kinds of things that could only be done in a dream. I flew all over the world, I went into the ocean and could breathe just fine, and lots of other stuff that I don't remember because it was so long ago. The article spoke of lucid dreaming as having consciousness in your dream and realizing that you are actually dreaming. Having that kind of control in that world of dreams would make the 22 years of my life spent dreaming more fun and exciting. It would for anyone.

After reading up on the subject it seems as though being in control of your dreams and being lucid are two different things. A person can be lucid in their dreams and not have any control over it whatsoever. Can you imagine being able to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted? Not to mention that your subconscious and conscience mind will be linked together for the duration. As far as I can tell there has not been a whole lot of studies on this subject. So what if practicing lucid dreaming and controlling dreams helps the mind process information better when you are fully conscience?

Not only that but think about the adventure and excitement you could have right in the comfort of your own bed. Who wouldn't want to river raft through the Nile, board down Mount Everest, or fly through the open skies whenever they wanted to? Also, if you could tell that you were having a nightmare, you could have no fear because you would know that nothing would harm you, nothing. Also, what about if what people say about dreamscaping is true? That is when you meet another person in a dream, or joining another person in their dream. How freakin cool would that be?

So, with all this being said and all the other reasons for having fun with this, I am on a mission to be in control of my dreams. I am going to try everything possible in order to achieve this. Like all things it will just need a lot of practice. After all practice makes perfect. And I will update on here every now and then on my progress. So where do I start?

It doesn't look like this lucid dreaming is going to happen overnight. The first step is to enhance my dream recall. Which is of course, remembering the dreams that I had after awakening. I can do this sometimes but not all the time. So I guess I will work on that for now. I will need to be able to remember at least two to three dreams per night in order to move on the inducing lucid dreaming. So wish me luck. Hopefully I will be ready to induce in a few weeks.

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We all start when we are young.

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